Short Maintenance

In roughly 50 minutes there will be a short maintenance after the tick passes as to improve stability.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused, we do not expect any ticks to be skipped because of this and we do not expect it to last longer than 10 minutes.

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It ended a bit over an hour ago, but an infrastructural change was made and we’d appreciate any reports in terms of oddities encountered in this thread.

It should be fine, but any issues… please report :slight_smile:

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whenever i try to launch an attack it says “Sorry but we are not going to sacrifice our lives to fulfill ur ego”, pls help.


solution, disband the traitors to strike fear in your other units


Can confirm that the game was designed to support this.


New in BD2, Unit-Morale!

Fly the same squad back and forth between the same OPs for 2 days straight? Unit morale plummets and the squad starts to kill itself from being locked in a ship with each other.

Lose a half-squad anti-spam to a single spam through a spy attack? All squads within a 3-tick radius see their friend die at the hands of incompetent command; lose 50% battle strength for 12 ticks.

-25% unit strength for 6 ticks when a nuke flies within 2 ticks over an OP with allied units on it, because that’d be scary as hell to know you are well within nuke range and adds more geometry to how you’d use nukes

Someone in your alliance suicide their army in a dumb battle? +200% unit strength to all allied units within 4 tick range for 10 ticks because your soldiers are salty and then -200% strength for the following 20 ticks because the reality of the situation has finally kicked in


how retardedly strong…

So did you just stop reading that sentence or…?

The only reason I don’t completely disagree with this comment is the fact that it will add so many strategic variations if something like that was implemented.

the buff could heavily outweigh the debuff if the team played it correctly

That’s like… almost every mechanic with a tradeoff

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What’s up with the serious replies to my very clearly tongue-in-cheek “suggestion”.