RIP spy if nuke

dont have time to explain and im high. so not going to explain. maybe later

basically this. put your ideas below. or dont. i dont care

  • yes
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ok idk what the poll is about now that i look at it. i proposed 2 diff ideas there

I think it would be better to have the spy just teleport back to the owners colony if its nuked

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well, not instantly. 6 ticks after. like the mvoe u can use to move spy to colony from anywhere

Yes lets keep making the game more activity based good idea everyone! Where the fuck is the skill in moving a spy from a bad nuke eta?

fantastic feedback. we need more like this

considering only 10% of units die to a nuke, it can be assumed that the impact is avoidable. therefore, if any person were to avoid the nuke impact and seek shelter, it would intuitively be the single person in each colony deemed crafty enough to play the role of spy


Guys got a point :laughing:

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