Returning player looking for era anywhere

lol I made a post on the old forums not realizing we all moved, wow this game has come a long way

I’m a returning player from maybe 9 years ago, I don’t remember clearly

I don’t have any old Skype anymore but I’m willing to make a new one

I have a discord but I’m not sure how to give you the contact information

Looking for slower worlds preferably
Sub is fine or a team that’s not serious is fine

Just looking to slowly get back into things for the nostalgia



If you’re still looking for a team, XPND on earth 1 opened a sub-alliance and we’re recruiting more members .We’re congregated in north america. Contact me in-game so I know who you are. My in-game name is the same as my forum name here.

RenoKaye, XPND Minister of Foreign Affairs


I’d be happy to thanks


Skype is still where the majority of BD players roam. There is also a mass chat used just to socialize and sometimes talk BD era’s. If you do get around to making a new account, pm me and I will send you an invite if you wish.