Returning Player after 9 Years

Hi there,

I played battledawn for many years being relatively successful. I played for alliances such as TLA from where i learnt from -whom was legendary- Staffy who led multiple winning eras on the fantasy maps. I then spread to Earth and played with HINI and RoFL. I have lost my skype account and all contact with my old friends.
Alas, I am back and would like to get back into playing and eventually back to my old winning ways.
If any old players or even new ones would like to join me for a new adventure just hit me up. My services are available.
Also, are there any skype groups or discord groups still going? Want to see if i can find any of my old mates

Many thanks guys,

Players who knew leaders such as Staffy or Adnan if youre out there, Message me!


Hi Uria, welcome back. There are some Rofl players still here and maybe some TLA players. Hopefully some will answer soon. I hope to see you on the battlefield.


Welcome Back!

There are a lot of old players still hanging around. You can still get hold of your old TLA peep capo. He is still around and there is a mass chat on Skype as well. I’ll make sure someone adds you there.


Welcome back, join a fam soon or u cant win. BD has changed a lot tbh xD


There is a mass skype chat for BD and a BDA chat on discord. You can write your skype or discord here so we can meet


I too am returning after 9 or so years! Looking to reconnect with some good players from the past :slight_smile:


I think I remember you as well

Ask gaurav to send you to the big chat it may be laggy but I’m sure there’s some people who played with you…

as for RoFL

I think 7empest actually came back, so try to link with him?
Maybe George. Venom, no… Roggg no… bloodphilic no
idk who else

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