Recruitment Policies

Just wondering if any leaders have recruitment policies for ingame, say for example you are allied to an alliance at war with another neutral or allied alliance and you consider a member for recruitment as you have a spot available, do you think this is a relation straining move if they leave and declare their intent to join? What about independant colonies who have spammed a friendly alliance before? is that also a worthy reason to strain relations? In some cases where you have a spy who wrecks your alliance from the inside definately you wouldnt want them joining a friendly alliance and I would say thats justifiable for a war, but the other two are a little more grey and I suppose it depends on each alliance leaders personal opinion, have seen it happen many times where some players switch alliances for whatever reason they decide and it can be awkward in some cases, friendly alliances can also have member swapping and it used to be way more common when relics were attatched to colonies and still holds strong with deals for rank and blues, in the case of the two above go with the prospect that once they are in the new alliance they follow its alignments and if they chose not to the alliance leader would promise kicking etc


Depends on leaders, Like you said


One simple thing “Loyalty”
Doesn’t matter if one is exp/noob I’d always take one by testing him on several eras to check out if he’s loyal or not, and not greedy for ranks.
-Always willing to make sacrifice for his fam and play for fun.
Edit : Also I don’t stop my members from playing with other families cause I myself play with other families as a player and stay loyal with them


As @_Abdulrafayyy says, loyalty is the most important trait. In a game where rivalries between groups can get pretty heated, its important that you can totally trust members. Generally my group tries to have players who play exclusively with us, though that isn’t the case with all members, and for some people it has happened even if we didn’t try and force it.
For that reason I am usually sceptical of recruiting more well known and established players - they generally have a lot of baggage. If you can catch a player when they are fairly new, you become their home and they are more likely to stick with you for the long run. Of course there are then disadvantages of having essentially the same lineup for years; it becomes easier for enemies to guess who is playing.
Every team/family has its own approach and no doubt lots of people will not agree with this approach but I’ve been with my group since my second ever era (never been with anyone else) and it’s worked out pretty well for me. Nice topic idea


I am a player who has played with many throughout my BD career, and every team I have ever played on will tell you, I am loyal to the team during that era. Since, I enjoy playing with many, I do not spy or backstab. It is just not who I am. Now that being said…I hate spies. If I find you have been on my team and spied, I will never play with you again on a team. If you love who ever you joined my team to give information to that much…then go play with them, as you won’t be welcome with me ever again.


Unfortunately everyone is incorrect, the only thing that matters is the ability to shit talk on bc.


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My best word of advice is that if you take in someone from another team, ALWAYS expect baggage to come with them. They likely had enemies that weren’t enemies for your team prior. It’s fine to try to work things out with other teams, but expect the worst. Always. If you take in a member from a team that was losing the war, you can expect the team fighting them won’t be happy with you. But of course, they won’t say anything until they finish things up (unless they are very confident) as they won’t want to risk fighting 2 teams at once. Unless the other team specifically tells you it’s ok (maybe they just don’t want to deal with fighting that person and would rather they be in a neutral/allied alliance), expect to fight them. You taking that player in most likely means the enemy is missing out on crystals, conquers and resources.


You just gotta trust a guy

IF he spy or backstab you then u don’t trust again it’s whatever