Recruiting people who want to get better at the game/Wanna help out other people get better

Havent really been around lately. Due to irl issues, I have an on and off relationship with the game. I come back for a few rounds and then gone for a couple of years. Now that work seems more stable, I think I can commit to this game after a long time. Have previously played in MAD - Probably Seth of DH or Raven Crow and some others would know me and even won a couple of rounds with OTT.

Now, I am thinking of recruiting people who are new/semi-experienced and want to get better at this game to increase contacts and know good players. People who want to help out with this idea and want to teach can also let me know. :slight_smile:

IGN - Ironclad
Timezone - Sorry, wont be useful as Im really active
Languages - English, French
Preferred Players Who Wanna Enroll - Someone who hasn’t won an era
Mode of communication - Discord/Skype
Preferred timezone - America, Europe, Australia (Preferrably Not Asian)

Reply back to this thread with your skype or discord id if you’d be interested in knowing further.

Thank You

Regards - Ironclad


I can teach as well as I can learn new things from you :slight_smile:

Skype - ppbhardwaj boss

I will be waiting for ur request :d


this gave me a good little chuckle :slight_smile:


Hi Ironclad…awesome to see you willing to share some insight with others. Lawmpy and I have been talking about planting on an era somewhere soon and finding some new players to help teach. I hope you find several as well.


now that, sir, is racist


Can you guys teach me too ? :frowning:


noobs are unteachable