Random number generator poll


How about using a random number generator? have it so that a random number generator generates a time between 15 seconds and whatever the tickrate is (30 min on 2 ticker, etc) and the random number generator either generates a 1 or a 0, which affects whether you can make a move or not. It should be player-specific. Like, it could give you a 0 while it gives someone else a 1 and you just have to sit and watch that whole tick while players that get 1s from the RNG are able to make moves but you cant until the next tick. And then RNG rerolls. If you arent so lucky you might end up with multiple ticks in a row with 0s.

Then at the end of the tick it should reroll a randomized length for how long the next tick will be, and the ability for players to make a move or the lack of. Also include messaging, broadcasting, disbanding, queueing army, doing literally any action ingame be considered an action. So that 0s cant do anything for that tick

  • Yes, we need a random number generator
  • No, we do not need a random number generator

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We could also use the random number generator for playing redsmoke russian roulette where every tick it chooses out of all the players, a player to ban, with the length of the ban also being randomly generated

Edit: i see now how harmful this could get if it targets the same player multiple times, so i decided to handicap the power of RNG on this one. After getting banned once, you get taken out of the pool of options the RNG can pull from, making it so that players that havent got banned yet can feel uneasy, not knowing when it will happen and for how long

  • Yes, we need randomized redsmoke russian roulette
  • No, we dont need randomized redsmoke russian roulette

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Not at the moment, no. Havent done it since this morning


The weak should fear the strong. This new system will make it be so

@Alexander can we expect this in next update? Along with loot crates


Idk. I think if you buy a BattleDawn Gold membership it should take you out of the pool of bannable players via redsmoke russian roulette for that era. Of course the BD Gold membership only lasts as long as that era is


Sorry deleted Kaen. Forgive me


Why aren’t you an Admin already Kaen?


This is a great idea. Imagine admin banning you and being able to finally get some uninterrupted sleep. A+


That would be cutting in line. Gaurav is next in line for admin


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How about we add moveable ticks to a loot box, and a 50$ special offer that randomly shows up?

Make them really rare besides that.

I love the idea either way!


will there be any fortune loot boxes where we get these ticks ??



With my luck I’ll get one of those ticks where i can do an action but the RNG will make the tick 20 seconds long or something