Question (with obvious answer?)

Fairly certain the answer is yes…

But is this game/community dead dead?
I used to play BD a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG time ago, and once life got too hectic, i stepped away. I did a lot on the forums, inspiring suggestions, and avoided the spam forum :smiley: (sarcasm)
I knew BD EA was ‘in process’, but with the recent changes to ownership, i wasn’t sure if it was still supported (reviews say its dead, and the forums are just about as dead)

What is already dead may never die.

Nah, but for real the community has shrunk a bit but the people who still play communicate more with each other than previously so it’s got a weird close-knit community feel going on right now with everyone knowing everyone else.

BD2 is slated for Alpha launch sometime this year along with CE3 as a send-off for classic-BD. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.


Everyone talks in skype nowadays. we have a skype group with 596 people (obv not all of them speak frequently or at all), but that is where the majority of discourse goes down. a lot of people have their own group or family chats where they talk to each other as well. if you want to be added to the main group add me live:cm20cm20_1

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re-enabled skype so i can get in contact with some people.

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