Question about what to do


Hello everybody! I started this game few weeks ago and i would like to know how to become better and that stuff. Any tip is appreciated :smile:


You can join the BattleDawn Academy discord and ask as many question as you’d like!

If you don’t like Discord, BattleDawn is very largely based on skype so ask around for some of the better players Skyped.

If not, I would ask Elcent or Energy personally.


I will join discord server :slight_smile: Where is link?


Here you are :slight_smile:

Currently its a little quiet in there but I’ll be trying to get it alive again soon.


But also feel free to ask for any specific’s here as well. Chat apps like skype or discord allow us to get more personalized in helping you out (and serve as the main way alliances keep in contact with one another) but the forums here can also serve to give you some generalized tips as well.

First and foremost, the biggest tip i can give anyone for this game is that the more time you can give, the better your results. There are ways to play well without as much activity, but that will require a bit more experience that you’ll simply get with time :slight_smile:


Hey, just to ask questions here. I stopped playing that trash sm thing back in september, and have been on and off playing this. However, I need some guidance, so I usually join an alliance with my twin brother who is better at the game. I am aware admin alex doesn’t allow brothers to plant in the same server, but what about the other admins? And just wondering what each of their policies is

(such as if they require proof, ect.)


This comes directly under:

Best to ask permission up front when you initially plant on the world.


I remember back when it was the Battledawn Academy Skype group, dang.


There is still a large active skype presence if you prefer skype to discord. In regards to having questions, asking them on the forums has a couple of benefiits over outside. Other community members with a similar question can see the prior topics and hopefully find answers.


It’s very dependent on many things. I will usually allow folks to plant with family members on my world (G3) so long as it’s not a big event. With that, I expect photo proof. Usually both players in the same pic with both accounts open. But once again, it’s usually on a per world per era basis. Just message the admin immediately and should be fine. Or, when you get more acclimated to the game, just start playing separate worlds.


Usually message the admin. Not always accepted. will keep trying, and am willing to provide proof. Thanks for the answers