Question about covert ops


if u perform a covert op on a target, incoming squads 1 tick away will be affected ? or outgoing squads ?


Outgoing squads sent the same tick as operation will be affected. Incoming do not


even you squads are sent away and then you do op, but on same tick?


They haven’t really left the op before the tick passes, so yeh, they still get hit.


*Except by lockdowns.


Very important distinction. Thx Alex :slight_smile:


so if u send away ur squads from an op then lock it down (same tick) ur squads will not be afected by lockdown ? And what if u lock down first and try to send squads away afterwards (again, same tick) ?


If the squads are sent before lockdown, they will continue to move. If you turn the squads back for whatever reason, they will now be locked on the colony. Should answer that if lock is performed first, squads will not be able to be moved


From a programming point, what the lockdown does is hinder you from clicking launch. So even if you’re on delay when the lockdown happens and wouldn’t leave before 2 ticks later, the units still wouldn’t be affected.


@adrianispas What Simmen mentioned is a common tactic by players to be relatively safe on an op when you are not sure if the op is safe. You can set a delayed movement to another op so if you are locked, you will be able to escape the lock.

Many players will almost always be on delay during war (or should be :smiley: ) to avoid being locked down. Mind you, being on a delay does not prevent being poisoned


if i lock down an op in tick 100, owner of the op will be notifyed in tick 100 or in tick 101 ?


The owner will be notified tick 100