Question about attacking


If i launch an attack on someone in tick 100 he will be notified instantly or in tick 101 ? And if i launch a 3 ticks delayed attack ? When will be he notified ?


If it’s within radar range they are notified instantly, the max attack on a player can only be 48 (Setting a 24 tick delay and also having a 24 ETA at the start).

If you send a 3 tick delayed attack they will be notified if in radar range instantly, unless you jam their radars
Corrected by Gaurav, it does in fact hide incoming squads from radar until delay is over.

(Which lasts 3-6 ticks, also takes the Radar Level 2 building).

To jam their radars create the level 2 Radar building, click on an outpost, click the scan/eye button, and then scroll down on the left to Jam/(Or heavy mist if fantasy). This will then cut off radar range from that structure or colony for 3-6 ticks (It’s random, no real way to tell you.)

This method also blocks gate travel from colony and gates.


If they are jammed, they will not see the attack. However if they are jammed, they will likely know an attack is coming.

If they are unable to make a satellite scan to check for an attack due to being jammed, many will have friends/allies make a scan and send them a screenshot of the area.

If they are unable to see, and have dont have a friend to send them a screenshot, they can always rely on doing incoming scans on their ops to see what is getting attacked


Incorrect. If an attack is delayed, the attack will not be shown until the delay is over.


Well TIL. :stuck_out_tongue:


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i do not know what prompted this, but this assumption is correct