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Aight so ive run into a problem, its not a big problem but its a problem.

Just how the hell do you do it?
a url; I use the link address and keep getting the “The value you entered is too long.”
THEN I copy the image address and I get the url is invalid.
Man I need help.


I’m pretty sure you use ‘copy image address’

Make sure you click on the image first (not like I’ve done on the screenshot) then use ‘copy image address’


You can use to make the imagine into 200x200 or close to it.
Then save and upload to, and then use the direct link


ProTip: You dont need to resize the image.

Manually fill in the size instead of letting it auto detect, and it’ll work :slight_smile:


Change the .jpg to .png( or was it vice versa?)