Please fix Earth Arena

Hey, can you guys please fix Earth Arena. The era has ended and the game has stopped working it says the world chosen is the same world you are in. Please, fix it
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@Cosmin1980 @Alexander

I thought earth arena was discontinued already

No it’s working again

The server stopped working again, says “maintenance” but the error messages are rarely accurate and I doubt they maintain/develop the game at all. Bad timing considering it’s the beginning of the era and people already have trouble getting in due to the reset delay.

If the devs are shutting down Earth Arena, make a public announcement at least? Server being up for a while then dying again is a hassle. @Alexander

So, I am going to be a little bit blunt here.

The EA servers are running into an issue where the amount of old data is slowing down server restarts to the point where it times out, the system detects it as “crashed” and refuses any further connections.

We could probably fix it, but the minimal stuff we’re doing to get it working again is honestly already beyond the limit of what is worth doing from our end.

We bought it at the time hoping to develop it into BD2 but the decision was made the quality isn’t high enough for that. Income wise it’s far beneath our other products (even beneath our slowest galaxy worlds) and every month the question is if it’ll manage to pay its own server costs (2 or 3 digits?),

Income wise the last 30 days is roughly 22 USD, I never share income statistics of games for competitive reasons, but I feel like if someone wants to copy EA, it wouldn’t be any skin of our back anyhow. The servers cost us a few times that a month and obviously our time has a price attached too. This isn’t a particularly bad month for EA - we’ve unfortunately had much worse, and haven’t had much better. We make enough to pay EA’s servers a fraction of the months.

BD pays for EA’s servers instead, the main purpose of it is to retain some connection to iOS/Android for BD2 (get news etc, be able to test stuff) and hopefully give people something to do until BD2 releases - EA is not sustainable for us (and if it could be, TS would have made it so opposed to abandoning years of development…).

I’ve just done a very basic purge. If it continues having issues, or continues generating annoyance within the community, we’ll most likely have little choice but shutting it down.

Sorry for the rough messaging, there. Hope you understand our perspective.


That is pretty understandable, even back when people do spend money on the game it was (and still is) full of bugs and I’ve heard sometimes the transaction won’t even go through. I guess we will wait for BD2, no problem in shutting it down when it’s in this state

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@Alexander sir can you pls start the new era many newbie players including me want to play the game. Thank you.

Thank you so much @Alexander sir

Still waiting :frowning: .As an old BD player i want to play this game nonstop