Player name is different in event log than in BR

So I had a guy spam some gates and I remember that I killed him, well I was going through the event log to get some screenshots of our battles for the era and I noticed something. A player called ‘Val Cline’ I had apparently conquered (Which doesn’t exist?), now I can’t go to their colony, but for some reason when I open the BR it shows ‘moriart’, the actual guy that I hit…

I also notice there’s some gaps in the event log (Likely from the migration, possibly?) some players aren’t appearing in some battles where there were more than 1 player, and etc.

This is really weird. Event Log Actual BR

Here’s Val Cline not existing.


No BD-related data was deleted on the migration.

Perhaps he changed his name? It’s also worth mentioning that Colony name and Ruler name are two separate things in the game, there’s a multitude of reasons why they can differ. This even could have been on an outpost, that was formally an AI named Val Kline.

Inherited side effect of removing colony names from the game in 2010 or so.

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Name wasn’t changed, don’t think he relocated either. He’s always been in that spot. Guess I could PM him and ask if he relo’d.

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If you tell me the world I can take a quick look and make sure its nothing bad =)

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Galaxy 1.
And yes, it is his original planting spot.

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