Petition for a new badge


I wanted to suggest a new badge for people like Kaen,Excel and me called Shitposter.

  • Yes, i agree.
  • No, disagree
  • Whats wrong with you Annonymu5

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fat people? why so exclusive


Helps their self esteem


How exactly would members get this badge?.. trough moderator’s hatred?


Well, yes. Admins and mods could grant the badge to the best shit posters in their opinion. I just don’t think that’s a challenge we want to promote here after having just gotten away from SM.


True, and it would look like modrator bias when I get it :wink:


Yes we’ll first have to enact a new modrator that can be blamed.


thats the mods job to decide, What the point if they are spoon fed.

BD players are not SM players. We do have a few toxic players but its controlled toxicity.


I don’t mind some joking badges, it adds to the flavour and culture of a forum community.

That said, I think right now we should focus on solely positive jokes, personally if I would see a ‘Shitposter’ on a new community I don’t know, I would expect a really childish community, and I feel one of our greatest strength is that our community has a great sense of humor and a great level of maturity.


Not while @Doomer_Nationalist exists


what are you talking about? I love adult humour.


Promoting immaturity is not a good idea. Stupidity breeds stupidity. “Shitposters” should be punished when they step out of line and reprimanded. They are setting a bad example for the rest of the community. Giving them special privelege will only make others want to copy them.




Wait, who is that kaen guy? Must be someone new


What makes you say it’s a “him”? C’mon, Josh, evolve already.