Patchnotes 1.5.1a


Hello Commanders!

To accomplish the move to Gato Games, a small patch was necessary.

Please report any bugs in the #official:bug-reports forum.


  • Fantasy avatars are fixed.
  • Various text fixes.
  • The payment system has been changed to be more reliable, we now support Sofort and Apple Pay payments and no longer block any Credit or Debit card. We intend to expand on this based on demand, Fortumo will be re-added if requested.
  • The old forum has been locked off and separated to make performance more reliable.
  • Music is offered in higher quality (experimental).


I love this patch, and I’d like to ask about something. Would it be possible to get some new avatars for the infantry in the earth servers? The pose is the same and can be a bit hard to tell them apart when you’re training, and can’t see the stats yet. Thanks in advance! I look forward playing BD even more than before.


Any chance of getting 3rd party music integration?


Phyrnna has nice music, why not try her out? Her music is also in the Epic Battle Fantasy games, which also started out as flash games.


this is truly a miracle


There are legal issues such as copywrite to bring music into the game. Being able to integrate a paid 3rd party system may be easier


I mean’t like paying her to do it, but I’m biased because I just like that type of music. It’s early days yet, though, i don’t think everything should be tackled right away. Perhaps the bridge will be burned once we get to it?


A small server-sided patch was pushed through to solve a problem with some actions showing users the email being sent to them and one of our portal’s having an incorrect forum URL when logged in while displaying it.

Thank you @yozius and @Danial and anyone I missed for reporting these issues.


A small patch was pushed through to solve a rare bug causing card declines to sometimes retract a small amount of tokens. All three affected players have been reimbursed accordingly and with a small bonus.

Thank you to two specific players for reporting this issue, I will leave them anonymous due to the nature of this issue.


Alex can I just say I love seeing this. Even if I don’t play much, talk smack about the game (only sometimes!) I absolutely love seeing that its being worked on again. Makes me feel slightly better about myself knowing I’m playing a game thats actually receiving attention now, thank you all <3


hope we’ll see bd’s own app on mobile markets on future, it was been long time, community asking for that.We are really complainant about mediator mobile apps. Hope the new company hears us. btw i am happy to see those patch makes bd better then past and that makes me feel nothing is impossible for bd after that :slight_smile:


A small server-sided patch was pushed through to unify sessions for the game and (old) forum. Depending on results it might be rolled back.

Also fixed the redirects.