Old Player, need help navigating

Hey guys, need help navigating the game again. Im trying to log in via the battledawn client but its telling me to log into the forum? i’ve created a new account via Gato games forum but still not sure how to log in, only way i can do it is by clicking new user in the client and would prefer to log in

Thoughts help?


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Hi Shroom, Battledawn is no longer flash-based, so you have to download the client.

Is this valen shroom? If so welcome back, everyone waiting for BD2 release right now also you just missed CE3

Oh yes actually… I’m surprised someone still remembers! Haha thanks!

Would I still go in via battledawn.com and download the client and login from there?

There is a client for Mac and one for Windows. Which one do you use? I can send you the link.

good to see you back commander