Official Draft Era F5

After a week of registrations where 120 people signed up, the official settings for the upcoming draft era admined by Josh have been decided and are as follows:

~ Era starting on December the 1st with a 24h countdown
~ The era will be held on F5 with 2 ticks per hour
~ 25 size limit alliances
~ 1000 ticks era limit
~ 3k blues for each person in the winning alliance, followed by an extra 1k if said alliance wins by capturing all relics
~ 100 CT needed to join a new alliance
~ We will go with no player swapping between the draft teams

The draft picking will be live streamed today on
7:00 PM Central European time // 12:00 PM Central Standard time on Twitch/Discord.
Link will be posted here as well

Leaders and player pool below:



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The event is over.


is it same laptop in the background that Kael gifted you?


Bro why are you literally trying to flex? This is a forum of internet nerds, who are you trying to impress.

I will plant just to bother… :smiley:

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I have never see something like that , except CE, :blush:

EDIT: The era hasnt started yet.


It might have gotten full multiple times

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Hey ya,
Let’s all just agree on letting me win :slight_smile: Save time save your life.

So it Begins goodluck everyone. Tick 2

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Continuing the discussion from Official Draft Era F5:

Loving how the map looks right now, everyone’s bordered well for a fight.
And we have a 6th team, surprise planting in the middle island. A few drop outs from the other teams were needed to make this one, but I hope it turns out even more exciting!

This server is awful. I can’t even log in, the token purchase page isn’t loading for me either. If BD doesn’t want me to buy then I won’t lmao.


Hmmm, SOLO as enemy, good.

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