Noob on the line

Hello there!

Im Manolis109, mainly a SuperMechs player. I used to play battledawn 6+ years ago and started a new account 10 days ago for notstalgia reasons.

To be honest I exceeded my own expectations, currently sitting at #12 in my world (fantasy 3) and im about to reach top 11. My goal is to finish top 10 sometime. I was hoping i could do it this era as i performed better than i expected. The truth is i joined a 3tick/ hour world 9 days after its commencement and theres a huge gap of 100+ score between 11th and 10th spot that i will probably not manage to cover now as my world is about to reset.

I dont know If Im staying or not. Will probably play BD2 as I think playing BD on mobile will be easier and more comfortable. Im making this topic to get to know the BD community, see if anyone remembers some old top players I used to play with 6+ years ago and more importantly, have fun.

Im looking forward to responses!


welcome back! patiently waiting for BD2 as well. Feels like an eternity waiting for the game to be released though as almost everyone has seemed to left the game already. Hopefully the new one catches popularity!

welcome back!

I’m thinking of hopping back on too after a few years off…Actually played with ^ @Forgotten_Soldier in an alliance a couple years ago :smiley:

Round the clock world’s are hard to keep up with , one of the reasons everyone quit.

The 2 hour worlds are the best imo , play for 2 hours and forget about bd for the next 22 hours lol, made a post about it but no one replied to it. Sadkek.

Let’s play E4 though