News concerning Gato Games & SuperMechs

before Super Mech was a game Very popular, but when there was a big change, many players who left the game
I wanted Super Mechs and Battle Dawn to become popular,
and for Battle Dawn to unite super mechs. and I noticed something that was more fun before. And now it’s not so much. It makes me very sad and the Super mech players are more toxic than before, I wish you were non-toxic And so that you have success.

Where I can write to you in the mail?

why do you need that?

That must never happen.


and I wondered … Maybe I’ll play Battle Dawn?
I want to know. why does battle dawn hate super mechs

and you explain when it happened DOS attack?
and why BD hates Super mech?

because BD hates everyone, strangest community I’ve ever been a part of


Because SM kids are toxic


Everything! I’ll start with part 1
I’m playing BD!
I still need help how to play and How to create an account.

Check out the official BD Discord if you have questions

Dont check out the discord, no one is active enough to help you there.

search my name on skype let me meet you with the real pros


if they are not active. what are they doing?

There is a 553 person chat on skype where BD players will talk, as well as numerous private family chats on both skype and discord. The official BD discord was made but the community never made the shift


its not a big deal , its mostly some 20 people who keep the chat alive while others join in from time to time. Discord needs to pay those people something to talk there instead of skype.

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BD is currently going through a low-ebb where many people are on breaks and worlds arnt really competitive atm (to my knowledge I havnt actually logged in a few days)

If you find someone willing to teach you this is a great time to learn thoub

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and I thought that you would teach me. Do you have enough experience?

add me on skype and all your problems will be solved, profansm2

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firstly i’m russian
And secondly, I don’t have Skype
and thirdly, I’m shy

da privet bratan
download skype only for text no need for calls

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I already have Skype. but I don’t have my account

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