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I am creating an account now.


can i talk to you about securing my account in Super mechs?

this is a company forum and not a game battle dawn

There is a similar thread on the SM forum. Currently this forum is ONLY Battle Dawn


You are Russian? If so, it’s good that the company has different people from different countries)

I would recommend using the topic on the SM forum for SM related issues.

I am Russian. Capo is bosnian or something


u play in super mech???

Rarely. Ever since the game went downhill i focussed on other games and other things

Does anyone know who to talk to on supermechs related tech support, cuz I think Sarah sorta ded ngl, idk

It’s better if you ask for SM related support in the SM forum instead. I doubt you’ll get any help from here.

Go to

i am banned in ts…

This game is really slow > lol > everytime I get: “Server is busy” :anger:

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There is people who actually play super mechs jeez…

Please, save the game, Since you guys are the new ones in charge of super mechs, you guys have the chance to make it great like when it’s still in Legacy


Guys, bring super mechs back to their glory as they did when they were legacy, you won’t regret it

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