News concerning Gato Games & SuperMechs

I am creating an account now.


can i talk to you about securing my account in Super mechs?

this is a company forum and not a game battle dawn

There is a similar thread on the SM forum. Currently this forum is ONLY Battle Dawn


You are Russian? If so, it’s good that the company has different people from different countries)

I would recommend using the topic on the SM forum for SM related issues.

I am Russian. Capo is bosnian or something


u play in super mech???

Rarely. Ever since the game went downhill i focussed on other games and other things

Does anyone know who to talk to on supermechs related tech support, cuz I think Sarah sorta ded ngl, idk

It’s better if you ask for SM related support in the SM forum instead. I doubt you’ll get any help from here.

Go to

i am banned in ts…

This game is really slow > lol > everytime I get: “Server is busy” :anger:

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There is people who actually play super mechs jeez…

lol 20-30year old’s are kids.

don’t pay attention for profansm. he is suspended on SM forum. he is just a 13-y.o.

Yes there is a lot. SM community is more larger then BD or EA community

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._. i am hate toxic player i want unban in ts