Newbie in need of team


Hey guys, so I’ve been lurking around this game recently and I’ve began to enjoy it. I’m still very new to it, but I think I have a pretty good base understanding. I’m looking to truly step it up and join very serious eras with coordinated teams that can also properly teach me. I am willing to spend tokens and basically do anything to win. Getting a medal and accomplishing something seems pretty fun to me. Also I have a lot of time on my hands meaning I’ll be playing almost 24/7. If anyone is interested please reply to this and let me know so I could possibly get your discord info. Thanks!

  • Arizona


Very important to have a skype ID if u want to get into good teams , do you have one??


I do not, since I use discord for other games as well. But can definitely create a Skype if its important for the game


Yes pls …


Skype made username alfonsodawn13


You are latino? If so i will teach you :blush:


Beware Alanso! Djina has a thing for Latinos.
You have been warned.


Welcome to BD @Arizona, I hope you will enjoy our cozy home.

I can 100% recommend Djina’s ‘special’ private mentoring classes.


Shhh not everyone needs to know :roll_eyes: