New Unit/Outpost/'Thing': Land/Air Mines

So the water-creature and talk of potential water units got me thinking about how they’d be implemented. Then my high ass thought of something else, mines.

We all probably know what mines are from being people who like war games but to provide a ELI5 they are stationary, hidden bombs under ground or in the water (theoretically in the air too I guess like weather balloons or some nonsense).

How would you plant them?

  • Mines are capable of being planted directly underneath any squad you own while it is in flight. Planted mines will then have a certain radius (maybe just an OP size?) around them which will trigger explosions for any hostile incoming squad. Mines have a larger radius around them within which another mine cannot be placed (no idea size on this one, maybe like half initial vision?)

How would you buy them?

  • I can think of a few different ways:
    • Recruitable unit type -> you would then only be able to plant a mine under where you are flying that mine as a squad-unit. This unit would have 1hp and no damage in a normal battle. This may help for balance because enemies can see when a random squad disappears away from OPs so they can mark it.
    • Direct menu option similar to how ion cannon is. Would then be planted directly underneath any squad you own while it is in flight. Perhaps it needs to stall in air for 1-2 ticks to “plant” the mine? (and give enemies a chance to counter-player as balance)

How much would this cost? How much damage will this do?

  • No idea brochachoes. These 2 things are obviously directly related though. May be cool to have them as soon as you get infantry. Maybe just stick them with nukes since that’s the explodey-things?

Thanks for coming to my TED talk


Mines would be a crazy fun new idea. I could see a mine field…wouldn’t that be fun, or a grenade that would blow up ops…that would be even more fun. You could use a grenade to take out a camp wall, or something like that. Currently you can make a camp wall by delaying units from your colony to a razed op and resetting them over and over, but with a grenade it would just blow up the camp, gate, radar etc…

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or smaller-scaled siege tactics than nukes! Lower tick range, faster arming.