New player looking for an alliance

hi, i’m a very new player here

could someone invite me to their alliance?


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Hi MCampbell917,

Welcome to Battledawn. We are delighted to have you here. Are you planted on a particular era?

I am only on Fantasy 3 as of right now


You should plant f2 as it just restarted, give you more room to experiment

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Ok, put up a broadcast message: new to BD. Looking for an alliance to help me learn to play. You should get an invite from someone doing this.

Ok, thank you. I will do both suggestions - I will plant on F2 and make a BC

I can help you out on f2 if you plant on the top right Island

Join “DEAD”

ignore my name its for meme

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ok, i managed to join. thanks

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Are you using Skype yet? Skype is very much needed for communication and increasing network.

No, but I can make one.

Yea make one and tell me your Skype ID, I’ll add you to a few chats where you can increase your network.

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