New achievement


Name: The Impossible Like

How to earn: Get user RobinHood to like one of your posts. That’s right, just one like. It’s harder than it sounds. Just ask Kaen.


Did he pay you to do it?


Even Kaen has standards. Though I am certain he thought about it.


did he promise to stop sending you his kawaii trap pics of him tucking himself between his legs and wearing rainbow coloured tights?


Why should he stop? :wink:


How do I erase my eyes


because he’s clearly lost his passion for erotic photography and is basically just phoning it in these days. it’s like yeah, he’s exposing himself, but you can tell hius heart’s no longer in it. just sad really.


Bleach solution, ez as.


I feel like Robin Hood just got defeated.

One of the requirements for Trust Level 2?

Give 1 like


gasping for air

Ugn! That was horrifying, I couldn’t speak!


Edit: wait, I can remove the like afterwards. We good.


whoever received the like, screenshot the notification and post it


Hello! Your vote has been considered and counted. Please like this post to indicate you are willing for the change to occur.





New Achievement: Conquered an Admin

Self explanatory, make it give 9999 red tokens too

Edit: Added 2 more 9’s

Should actually be a thing, though. Maybe between an alliance holding 10 relics and havoc, whoever is able to defeat the admin’s army gets it.


It will almost never happen on josh’s world then. It’s hard enough beating his relic army, can’t imagine what his personal army will be like :stuck_out_tongue:


New achievement : Successful spy

How to earn : Did 10 successful spy attacks on others colony or ops in an era.


Espionage and then Espionage Veteran for the names i’d say, 1 successful and then 10


I actually like that, except instead of Espionage Veteran it can be called like double agent or secret service or something cool


Secret Service sounds good.