Neutron going at it agien

So like we all know I got it out for neutron.
And atm I felt kinda sorry for him, bacuase he was playing decently and unlike normally he was not coming up with excuses


Then he sends that shit…

I don’t know with everyone else but I for one don’t plant on 5 eras and boost, playing with team m8s that boost that clearly are trying to win if I my self is not FTW

So 1 he is a dickhead dragging his teams down
Or 2 he is making up excuses agien

Personally I believe it’s nr 2 given neutrons history, also he is lossing all eras at the same time.
E1 E2 F1 F2 F3 F4

Like smh neutron when are you gonna learn stop talking smack and never deliver anything but failure, you have lost more eras this year then most ppl in the community have played FTW what is it now 12 eras played 2 wins 10 losses?

Edit 1 ( I forgot to add, I’m not counting any of the eras he is currently losing as lost. As he might pull through and win them )


Haven’t even seen this idiotic post. What a retard. You equal planting to playing FTW?

L O L, never boosted a single token.

E1, I joined at tick 600, and we’re currently raping EMPR ( former rank 1 that decided to trigger me after I offered an NAP to them).
F1 was set to be a chill era and we are playing for rank 2. ( that is allowed right?, since I hate slow tickers)
I planted with Ying’s team to get to know his circle better. The aim was to troll and have fun on E2. ( and its not over so there’s more trolling to come and I’m back active now so be ready.)
F2, currently, I have members of ATOM winning the era after kicking your asses. I’m in rank 3 team for blues.
F4, I played semi active and still had stats that bested yours 10 times over. Got to meet nice people and had fun. I can’t see where the loss is.

Nothing more to say to you. You seem to be bent on dragging me through the mud but it’s not going to work dear son.

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Viktor, it seems you have some kind of problem with Neutron. Would you care to explain that problem?

Honestly Neutron judging off your response of trying to argue back, I’m inclined to not believe any of that. You drag your own name through the mud when you engage people in these threads instead of posting a meme and moving on with your life. That’s not a very mastermind move, now is it?

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Sakrie, I like you. Lets keep it like that.

And no I’m not arguing back. Just making sure misinformation doesn’t stand. I care less what you believe eventually. Just making sure I said my piece, which I have. Now please find something else to put your beak into and not waste words on this idiotic thread.

The BD Poem:

You didn’t beat me,
I didn’t lose the era,
I just decided to quit,
As your units got nearer,

I’ve never lost at BD,
You can’t win when I try,
I’m not really playing here,
No this era didn’t make me cry,

Your wins were all luck,
My wins prove I’m skilled,
I had more conquers then you,
Right before I got killed


Did you just quote all of Newbtrons excuses lol, but you missed him blaming his teammates :frowning:

actually pretty neat!