Needs a face lift-what should be done?


I’m concerned at being away from this game for years,coming back to see no real changes. Minors ones yes but nothing to really upgrade it or set itself apart unlike the switch from the old client. let’s explore possibilities (these are suggestion everything may not be doable)

First the big issue is battledawns decline in players while in it’s hay day battle dawn had a plethora of old and new players alike enjoying bd but as the players grew up or moved on they lost interest in bd which is to be expected but the turnover rate for new players was lack luster we can attribute this to the marketing placing ads on mmorpg sites and things of that nature hold no real benefit in this day an age reaching into platforms like Facebook,Twitter,Youtube and IG should be a must even if it doesn’t take of immediately maintaining and these platforms still show what the company and the games are all about and from the looks of the twitter and facebook I wouldn’t think twice about playing this game from an outsiders perspective.
Another problem I see is BD’s look it’s too grainy drab looking if you want a younger crowd it has to look fresh new exciting with some gloss to it I can’t understand why little things like the borders around the box when you recruit troops looks so drab and pix-elated the same with the frame, the map border for the whole screen.The game feels like it’s stuck in the early 2000’s surely we could gloss things up
Out of these though it think a really big one is there’s absolutely no new features no new units no new achievements no new implementation of anything to effect Game play honestly I get doing cool little events but that’s not a guarantee all the time and doesn’t hold up like it use to 5 years ago you’ve gotta listen to your community and take some risks.

I’ve got more but I want to see what the community has to say a mix of old and new dawners


once this is fixed, bd will surely shoot back into 1000’s of active players


I do think the game needs a face-lift in terms of look, redo ships, designs of the menus, redo colonies etc/

You’re spot on about getting ads into YT, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Insta etc

I also think reds are a bit expensive, $18 for 1000 reds. 1000 reds buys you red workers, red oil, red metal, and your choice of metal oil or workers again. you can also forgo oil and get workers and metal. so at maximum u get 5 boosts for almost $20. On a 1 ticker that’s 2 days. I can’t think of any other game that charges so much for the amount you get.


hilarious, do you have a suggestion?


I’m not sure that I do, but if you want to have a serious discussion lets have it.

Let’s compare the looks of what BD is right now, and around what BD could look like. I honestly think the first and second stage of zoom viewing show generally what the argument is about.

1st Stage:

2nd Stage:

Which stage can you understand better? Which stage doesn’t look like aids? Which stage can you wake up 5 minutes before a tick, and have total understanding of whats going on to make a move? Stage 2 is clearly superior when considering ease of use, and effectively understanding whats going on.

Let’s discuss why this is. In the first stage there is a lot more detail but it’s far harder to understand who has what. It’ll take you a couple minutes to understand who has what, and who is with what team. Having a blue or yellow or blue outline is fine, but the flags showing which op/colony is with each alliance is the most important info.

Hence why the second stage view is far superior tactically. The block/single color allows for the alliance tag to be large and clearly seen. Unless you are playing against an aids IIII team, its easy to differentiate anything. It’s very important, especially in a large war involving multiple alliances.

Now let’s talk about why people have invested so much time and money into this game. For me, it’s all about forming relationships with teammates that I need to speak to constantly for weeks or months straight, and being able to outsmart or outplay enemies. Those eot’s where you are called 5 minutes before the end of the tick in the middle of the night to make a play, eyes glued to a clock while your heart is beating out of your chest is what the game is all about. Nothing I have ever played has matched that experience. No graphics make up for this, and enhanced graphics would detract from gameplay imo.

You can make the argument that you can still improve graphics without ruining gameplay, or the comparison isnt fair. But there is only so much you could change about small little things before you would have to make the main view not a bunch of colored squares with letters on them. And the little things wouldn’t make any significant change for new players, as the main point of playing this game is the effort you put into it, and the friendships you take out of it.

Concerning advertising, I think working on surviving 2020 flash crash and maybe making BD no longer a browser game may be more important issues before working to get the population back up to prior levels. But yes, many more players would be nice and is needed at some point.


Ithink there should be more animations…
Atm there are only 2-3 animations like the smoke from colony and ion cannon animation that makes the game look dull


If everyone is dreaming here, lemme dream too.

After each BR we get a short cinematic of the battle.


About the advertising thing, @GodYinyang had opened a thread on it for advertising on Facebook. Not sure what happened in the discussions after…


Returning old player here. The game is dying which makes me sad, I really do care for this game and want to see it prosper. This game needs change and serious attention for it to survive. TL;DR at the bottom.

About the face-lift thing I think this is very important, tried to get a couple friends into BD and they got completely turned off by the UI, which I agree, still looks like a early 2000’s game. Now, I am not in-tune at all with art and creativity so I don’t really know what to improve about the UI except that it needs an overhaul.

This game needs to get with the times, although being able to play in-browser is super nice, flash is dead. Add this game on Steam and try to connect the browser and Steam servers as 1. Battle Galaxy should not be a stand-alone site, add that as a 4th option on the main game selection page (for both browser and Steam clients).

Advertising is a definite must, we need an influx of new players, not populate the game with bots. Youtube and IG would probably be the best platforms as so many people, especially kids, spend time on that. It can also be advertised on Steam if the game goes up on there. But please actually good ads that are entertaining to watch, not the cringy game ads so many of us see. A good example of advertisement on Youtube would be by League of Legends, they are very well made.

With the influx of new players they need to be retained, hence the game should be a bit more noob friendly. I remember when I started I only played 6-tick worlds, because as a new player not knowing anything, I wanted to see shit happen without waiting an eternity. Also alliance sizes should be decreased from this standard of 10 to 4-6, smaller alliances will bring about more competition within the experienced players and hence give new players a better chance to do decent and learn.

Boosting is another topic. It is expensive and for those that DO boost regularly it offers a large advantage, which is a turn-off for new players. Make tokens cheaper so that more people will be willing to buy, but make the impact of boosting less. Maybe make it so that metal/oil boost gives 2000/4000 for blues and reds respectively. Also increasing the cooldown of 12/24 ticks to 24/48 might also help. Also blues should be given out more so that new players are given that small taste of boosting, add more ways of achieving blues in game. Another thing is paying for cosmetic changes is becoming popular, maybe try to find ways to add more to the game, reds only. Glowing ships? Alternate radar/gate/missile designs? Idk.

I know this is a lot but the game simply won’t survive in its current state. Thank you to those who took the time to read, it is a mouthful. I feel like I should make this post it’s own thread, thoughts?

TL;DR: Game needs a UI overhaul, should be added to Steam, needs good advertising, be noob friendly, revamp boosting, add more payable cosmetic options. (Each topic is paragraphed in this same order if you want to read into it).


I like your idea about the platform change and updating UI seems odd to still be stuck in the early 2000’s


As I outlined previously, its rather hard to make a nice looking design that is actually helpful to warring. Only thing I can think of is something like Lords Mobile:

Also concerning advertising, im pretty sure the servers cant really handle 1k player worlds rn. it can still be occasionally laggy. Lots of worlds have been moving to smaller teams for many months now, and idk about that boosting change. Making it cheaper may be reasonable, but having a smaller set amount makes no sense. You dont simultaneously make reds cheaper and buy less resources. It completely defeats the purpose. And the res increases based off the average amount of metal/oil stored in colonies globally.

literally havent seen your name a single time in the past year or so lol. Maybe stick around, make a name for yourself and contribute to the community before giving a weird gloomy ultimatum? BD has been improving a decent amount in the past month or so compared to sept/oct


Sorry about giving a gloomy ultimatum, just frustrated that (to me) it seems the game is dying compared to when I used to play, that was kind of a rant about my feelings of the game. And yes I haven’t played in years, but I think I’ll be getting back into it for some time. Also thank you guys for your input, greatly appreciated!

As for the servers not being able to handle 1k player worlds, the servers should improve as players and therefore funding for the game increases (I think that’s how it works? More money better servers?).


the game doesn’t make the same money it use to they should’ve done more like 6 years back