My suggestion to make the game more life friendly

So here it goes… I would like to suggest that all world’s should have a pause like on e4 … With a variety of tick speeds and time of pause… For example we can have Asian servers with different tick speeds … same goes for other places. This will help the players alot and make the game more life friendly and more competitive as less people will die due to inactivity .

  • E4 is enough
  • All servers should have a pause
  • More servers with pause and different tickspeeds

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Eras would take several months then

Right now people aren’t showing as much interest in E4 anymore, to the point where I can’t really guarantee we’ll keep it open as-is.

We’re seriously considering making E4 run just 2-4 hours a day, making it a hobby anyone can do similar to something like League, and shortening the running time to say, 1000 ticks so it doesnt take a long time to finish either.

Open for ideas.


4 hrs a day, 20 ticks/hr sounds amazing. Spread em out over 3-4 major timezones maybe. But the question is if the servers are robust enough to handle that or not…


12 is the max, sorry. It’s a limitation of the tick engine that I don’t actually want to fix as I think any less than 5 mins will make it impossible to play for people without super good internet.

That said servers can handle that, I believe our E4 players are extremely positive about how our servers are handling E4, I could be wrong.


Fair fair. 4 hrs a day, 12 ticks/hr still works. It’ll just make eras slightly longer. Maybe if possible, try to coincide such eras with common vacation periods and such, and ensure the timings are work/school friendly eg 7-11pm in the respective time zone?

It’s so fast , can’t commit to staying on a screen for that many hours… can’t manage to play on puffin too for such a fast era

but assuming it’s scheuled to be like evening time after school/work for you, just committing to that 4 hrs a day is like watching a movie or something during that duration. Would be easier to be on your computer as compared to having to use puffin when you’re at work

Or maybe make it a 4 ticker that runs for 12 hrs , it would be equal to a normal 2 ticker… but people will get sleep

Problem is
A. Who’s 12 hours? Timezones…
B. What about people with job?

I’m souring on the idea of half-day servers because I feel it only applies to a very specific group of people :\

While shorter times are really broad - there’s a lot of downtime thatll hit most players. For one it may be 18:00 and another it may be 00:00, but both are a lot more manageable than 03:00 or 14:00 for either of them, I reckon.


Idk how BD2 works. But my idea of how it should be is like. A map with like 10kx10k hexagons. You place your colony and stuff. And you expand and take over each hexagon. there’s mines, outposts and gates and stuff. But basically if it worked like that. You can enable forcefield on all your territory for like 8 hours a day. And 1 ticker/ 1 battle per hour.
Because of how battledawn is right now and how people have been playing for years. There is no possibility for it being easier for new players or more life friendly since its too competitive.

For time zones we can have multiple servers…

If we had a bigger player base sure

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One of the things that is always the same on any e4 vote is the pauses and weekends off…but I think the pauses for the 12 ticks are necessary…but for a 3 ticker they would be too long…I know some used to complain about maintenance…but for those who remember the maintenance it was a daily pause of 1 hour and allowed for some extra sleep…so what if you had a 3 tick server or something with 2 or even 3 1 hour pauses a day on each of the night time zones…allowing each time zone an hour of sleep…and maybe 1 day a week off? with a 1500 or 2000 tick limit? Just some ideas…shoot me down Alex :wink:

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Or a 4 ticker server that runs for 12 hours and has a 6 hour break each for Asians and Americans … would be equal to a 2 ticker too :slight_smile:


Try civilization 6 (20char)

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I like it how it is…

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This should happen imo, make more servers with pause

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