My laptops exploded


That’s right, laptops. Plural.

My main lappy already got sent back to Dell a few days ago for a hardware issue with the cooling fan. I started to use my wife’s laptop, but the screen shut off and won’t come back on; the parts are coming in on Monday.

I booted up an old lappy from 4 years ago, did some fiddling to get back to par… But not a day later, here we are, and it won’t load windows explorer anymore.

So I’m apparently out a laptop until I get a new one for my wife, as mine won’t be back for another week.

What a GREAT time to be doing the Mars 3 event. XD


Welp stop downloading all of that porno…we have streaming websites now


Maybe it’s not them… it’s you?


Laptops are not suitable for containing a cheese pizza in the microwave.

I learned that the hard way too.