Mars 2 - Era 108

Mars 2 has reset, and it’s still a 4 player alliance size limit this time

My colony will be unshielded all era, and I’ll periodically restock with units and crystals

Prizes for the era are:
Rank 1 alliance: 5000
Rank 2-5 alliances: 1000
Rank 6-10 alliances: 500




Thanks for the fun; FF, TTT, FNTA :stuck_out_tongue:

I needed a warm-up in case I actually try to play anything serious.


What’s your ign, I need a cool down era before I quit

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SLAPP for this era

Come join the 3 teams nuking me and bragging about killing a spamming colony.

E: Imagine getting squads killed by a colony nuked to 10 workers and 2 banana power

E: Tick 455. The dude that bragged about killing 1 squad of a 2-chevron colony just lost a full tank squad. Tut, Tut. (4-5 half squads killed of FF/TTT I won’t bother to upload)

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