M3 - era idk (Joshs first BD admin era)


So i just logged into to try and plant in M3, and the era is already in Havoc.

from the looks of it @Malicewolf hasnt learned anything from BG.


He finally broke his won record of Havoc @ Tick 8.

New Josh is better than ever!


T_T it wasn’t my fault. Alex turned it on while I was sleeping! :rofl:

World is now up and open for folks to plant though :wink:


Josh did reset it at tick 1 though, that’s a new record of sorts


Alex forgot to set me as admin…


You were set, you just forgot to place. Have to do that sometimes you noob!


I’m stirking. Who wants havoc already?!


If u have a havoc event like last time, then count me in :wink:


Oh no, not again…