Let's settle this-Vets and Pros

So often I hear the term vet and pro players thrown around. So let’s settle the definition of what a vet player and a pro player really is. What is a vet player? Someone who has lots of medals? Someone who has won lots of eras? Someone who has been around since the first BD-old servers? Someone who has played both CE’s? Someone who buys BD after they’ve played it? Someone who is now an admin on BD when they were just a player once? Someone who thinks they are a vet but are really a noob? Please someone tell me exactly what a vet is.

Pro players…what makes someone a pro? Are they the person who gets the most kills in era? Someone who wins the era? Someone who leads alliances? Someone who is really good at leading wars. Someone who has a BOAT by getting their friends to give them all their crystals? Someone who thinks they are pro but a really a noob? I’m dying to know the true definition of a Pro player. So out with it.


“Pro player” lost its meaning several years ago. Most players who win/play eras are pretty bad/relatively inactive. Vet player is just someone who has played around for years. Medals dont matter anymore.


Ask your self have you ever lost to greeny then youre both a noob & not a vet. congrats


Do you panic or get angry when an armor rushing spammer places in your backlines? You are most likely a lazy Vet and not a pro who knows to expect that stuff, recognize it before it happens, and deal with it quickly.


pro = good player

vet = player thats been around a lot

then we got pro vets = vets playing activly and ftw.

a pro player is active and winning current eras.

a vet, is somone thats been around a long time and knows a lot of the games more cheeky tactics and can use that to kill ppl becuase knowlage beats activety if cougth of guard.

pro vet = an old player with a lot of skills using them activly worst kinda of opponent you can have, and the best type of allie.

^is how i feel it should be used at least.

currently i think its more, pro someone playing good
vet, someone thats been around and could play good. but ppl mostly say it coz they currently are not playing how the once could.
its kinda a nice way of saying they are overrated i feel


well, a veteran is someone who has a long experience in a particular area. That is the exact google definition. And I think we can all agree that there are people who have a good experience then there are some who have the Galaxy eras experience.

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I agree with Miko on this …

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A vet player is someone that takes care of animals but still has the time to play the game. A pro player is a player that is all for playing. It is the opposite of a con player. Google defines “pro” as “in favor of”. Con players are usually players that are against playing but still play. I am both a pro player and a vet player. I might not be an official vet but i have helped animals out and am currently taking care of a kitten that i found that was sick. Shes ok now. Image related.


Kaen, I think you’ve had the best respons to this topic as to date. lol


@Kaen so im the best vet out there then, coz no one taking better care of Enzo then me and @Gaurav


you bought the uniques tab???

I bought all tabs. I feel uncomfortable without

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