Let's Play a Game-Would you Rather?

Let’s have a bit of fun. Let’s play a game called “Would you Rather”. It’s simple. First answer the posted question above your reply, and then ask a Would you Rather question of your own for the next person to answer.

I hope you all will play along, make the questions interesting and entertaining and keep this thread going to liven up the forums.

So I’ll start:

Would you rather not sleep for 2 days or not eat for 2 days?

not sleep, I do that all the time… easy

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Not sleep for 2 days cos I have done it before :smiley:

Would you rather be unable to use search engines or unable to use social media?

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Please feel free to ask a would you rather question of your own :slight_smile:

Unable to use social media, without a search engine I’m not sure I could function. I threw all my encyclopedias away.

Would you rather be in jail or homeless?

Jail if a country like Norway who provide u playstation/xbox inside ur cell, homeless if any third world country

Would you rather be Captain America Or Ironman??

Ironman. Brain is best.

Would you rather bang a mermaid or a reverse mermaid? (fish bottom or fish top)

Fish top as Futurama taught me fish bottom has some long term relationship issues ha

Would you rather be the smartest person ever but completely islolated e.g. in space or the most popular socialite ever but a complete simpleton

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Smartest person ever in isolation. A smart brain can provide for endless hours of thoughts keeping one from thinking of their isolation.

Would you rather be able to dance well or sing well?

Being an introvert irl i dont think i can dance even in a dark room where noone is watching , so yeah singer for sure.

Would you rather be an anime character or the President of a country??

Definitely an anime character, being President of a country would be a headache.

Would you rather have the ability to fly or the strength of the hulk?

Ability to fly , it would be liberating af

Would you rather have to fart loudly every time you have a serious conversation or have to burp after every kiss?

Burp after every kiss. That would truly be funny.

Would you rather have sunlight 24 hours a day or darkness 24 hours a day?

I would prefer 24 hrs sunlight because 24hrs of darkness will bring temperatures very down and I kind of like hot over cold atmosphere.

Would you rather die in a communal riot or die because of Corona Virus?

Corona virus , i want my killer to be a mass murderer and not some retard fanatic with a lucky swing.

Would you rather want to be an alien captured on earth or an earthling captured on alien planet??

Earthling on an alien planet, might actually be treaten humanely then…

Would you rather let your countries’ government be replaced by BD players or SM players?

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BD players as there arent that many irish players :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you rather be trapped on a tundra planet e.g. everywhere is like deep siberia or desert planet e.g. everywhere is like australian desert

(edit think siberia is actually boreal so boreal)

Desert planet cuz i love hot weather

Would you rather live in a world without poverty or in a world without diseases

A world without disease, because if we all had what we wanted, we would have a selfish world.

Would you rather live with people who speak a language you can’t understand but they can understand yours, or live with people who speak a language you can understand but they can’t understand yours?

not eat for 2 days :stuck_out_tongue: easy if you smoke lol