Introduction - Bane

Hi , i am Sourabh Sharma as my birth certificate says , skype id is sourabh.sharma494 (..), ingame ign is mostly Bane/13ane . Been playing for a long time , not OC old (i mean i was there but other than logging once a day i dont even remember anything from that time).

How i found BD

Me and a friend Antihuma (TJ) used to play this friend together. Actually we never had anything to talk about when we met irl so he suggested maybe we should play a few games and it worked great, sadly he doesnt play anymore got involved with more studies but i liked it here so i stayed.

How i learned the game

First E3 on NC

It was hard to get the right people at that time who would teach you something about the game rather than those throw insults whole era , so i actually on my first era on NC in 2013 used all resources in havoc and made an army and launched on relic and lost badly but the guy was cool enough to tell me what are some good army ratios.

M2 : MFIX :Creating something

After that me and TJ made our own team on M2 and saw some good times and made Frenemies with Malice , Greeny , Dane and few other CME players. Also found SNS, Djina , Angel , Mikos , Yixil, Hitmo , Justin , Bittykitty (Sorry if i am forgetting anyone) , after 1-2 era we managed to actually get to rank1 but lost in the end (it was a max tick era and we were involved in almost all wars). That era helped a lot of us get into good teams on other servers.


Around this time we got to play with E1 coalition which was also called ARM gang by some folks , Mridhun , Dev , Azeem , Bilal, Commando , Vahik , Gaurav , SoF, Kart (still talk with a lot of them till date almost everyday).

M1 : Learning to play from Gavin and learning to have fun from Eddie

There we met Gavin/Kodak and Eddie mora (best guy to have in your skype chat , noone else comes close by even miles), they recruited us for a M1 era cause they had heard some good things about us after that M2 era so we got the spots. Met with (DS) Dati , youseffk , Tempest, Skipwith, Rob, we lost the era to Gens. Ours wasnt a very good team as people kept leaving and joining but we fought a long fight and learned good things from Gavin/Kodak , around the same time he told me about CE2 and that i should be with ARM fam there(Random Flex XD).This was the era where i learned a lot of advanced movements and tricks that can be done from Gavin , it was really a game changing era.

Post 2014 era

Meeting More people and joining other alliances

Played another M1 where Kitty asked me to lead a bro alliance for her , it wasnt a great era and some of you guys might remeber this era for the rank1 BOAT of loli scrub , we fought a few teams namely a random SRB team lead by Salazar we lost all our armour killing their army and the rank 1 team never gave us chance to rebuild and shot us down from there. BUT i met some really good people there who became long term friends , Jeremy , Raptor , Pittsburg and lampy (i dont even remeber how many era i have played with lamp , has to be at top)
I also met some returning russian players who identified themselves as MERC alliance , i have been playing with them for some good amount of time whenever they are back.
i have also played a few eras with Mirage and Trae both being good players and over the top boosters.

Recent teams

in recent memory i have mostly played with Lamp , Romeoo , CWL (PS , EMO , Zain) , SAIL, a few eras with GG on Galaxy. I still sometimes lead my own team on E1 , it mostly endsup as we defending Svalbard for whole era on E1.

Special events i played

CE2 is a good memory , i dont think i saw an era like that ever with so much boosting , it was a great experience even though i was mostly semi active for most of the era.
Wasnt much involved in Factions.
Played the draft event on E1 though our team fought for the longest period in the whole era and thanks to milan i managed to get a ribbon.
Galaxy unlimited size team era i was active during some part and inactive during the rest. Again thanks to Greeny , Gaurav , leo , Psi , Trajic we won and even though i almost did 0 contribution i was the part of the winning team

Lot more things to say but i think i have covered all the important stuff , hope to play a few more eras and add them to memory lane.


Welcome to our new home bane!

Did you ever notice your name is like Souhabh Shawarma?

Makes you sound much more tasty!


I cant unread this.
Hello Sourabh shawarma.


Hey man good to see you again :slight_smile:
recognize me?
Don’t worry I’ve been called a kebab before


totally remember you , we played an M1 together i am very sure of that. It was before Bots got implemented.

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