I want to get back

Hey everyone, My name is Tripster and i am an old BG/BD player. I have been playing this game for over 10 years and i am looking to get back into it now. I played last In June for 1 era and i found it very enjoyable and it brought back many different memories from my time playing. I have decided to start up again and play a few eras, only problem is that most of the people I know have retired and I cant get in contact with them. I am very experienced and I have won many eras in my time playing. I have numerous medals and achievements and I played with many legendary teams such as GG in the days that BG was very competitive.

I am looking for anyone who might remember me from the times I used to play or i am looking for a brand new team who is active and ready to win a few eras. I am super active and i can bring a lot of experience to the team.

I hope to hear from someone soon


Hi Tripster welcome back. I am going to tag a few who may remember you. @Gaurav @Malicewolf


Hey i remember you
welcome buddy