I need technical help

admin simmen banned me on earth 1 after i “helped my conqueror”, last thing i remember doing on earth 1 is sending out 1 squad with 1 unit to take an outpost, so i was apparently banned for this??

the ban resulted in me being unable to log into any world including all fantasy, earth and mars worlds

the ban reason is insanely stupid, the ban message was vague had and no information for me to interpret and again let me repeat myself I CANNOT ACCESS ANY OTHER WORLDS. WHY?? I DONT KNOW EITHER, ME SENDING A SQUAD TO ATTACK AN OUTPOST?? really?? im sorry for PLAYING THE GAME, if i knew id get banned for playing the game i wouldnt have played in the first place

its actually hilarious how triggerhappy the admin is, so sad for an online game, fix your s**t

cheers!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey Kerrigan!

So this ban would have been because the outpost you attacked was owned by the enemy of your conquerer. If someone conquers you, you cannot attack or jam their enemies as it can potentially be an exploit. This unfortunately can happen with some frequency so admins will sometimes ban on the spot and wait for you to message them if its not the case. All you need to do at this point is message the admin on the world and explain what happened and that you weren’t aware and they will unban you.

i see, thank you for responding i will attempt to get in contact with the admin in question

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