I have been robbed


I would just like to point out that @Gaurav is already manipulating the forum to his liking, I put in hard work and effort to get this status;

And I find out a few minutes later that G revoked it from me, and left the other recipient @Holo with the badge.
I find this behaviour quite rude and not up to moderator standards. Please #givezealothisbadge


Welp, I thought the badge was granted for being moved to regular role. Let me see if I can fix my mistake.


Obligatory ping gif


After looking into this travesty, I have determined that my limited moderator role will not allow me to grant you the role. @Elcent @Malicewolf can you please repair the damage or better yet just grant me the admin role I so deserve


hahahaha I love u G, just wanted to make a meme of u


I vote we make Zealot a permanent level 0 trust member.

  • Yes make zealot perm 0 trust
  • No make zealot perm 0 trust

0 voters


Nvm it’s no longer borked.


I vote to veto this because Josh can’t even make a poll work.


I have elected to change my name and PFP to simply honor the goddess that is Holo, that is all i can contrbute


This is reason to suspend you indefinitely imo


I just exceeded the amount of posts for the day, well, i reached it. image Look, I’m the first weeb here. Hooray






The masses have decreed their verdict.
You have been vetoed.


yeah well your mom vetoed


Shit, you got me there. I’ll be leaving this forum out of shame now, no coming back from that one.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out


Yet further evidence, here he is abusing a community member…


Don’t be jelly, I’ll still abuse you as well sus style


ooh please :heart_eyes: