How can we make BD great again

if we wont do something the game will probably die within 2-3 years in good case scenario.
a lot of people can love this game but the way that bd2 was made wasnt good, any suggestions

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We really need to. This game is so great, with some marketing it could come back alive for sure. Gato just doesn’t seem to care anymore :frowning:

Is there anyone that actually plays BD2? I’ve never even opened it.

We need some cooperation from the current owners of the games

Probably the shittiest rework of a game

Bring back e5 (still unsure why it went down) :pray: :slight_smile:

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I mean, people could stop calling every person they’ve ever played with to plant on enemies when the other teams starts winning.

I feel like that would be a step in the right direction. Admins are shooting themselves in the foot when they ignore obvious planting/OP farming between allies. Exactly zero new player/veterans are going to continue playing when that crap is allowed. When people stop showing up to spend money on reds, admin are going to wish they’d done something when the game makes no money. Then again, maybe it’s so unprofitable that exactly what they want.

If that’s the case, let it die. The teams that capped era after era because they could always call 72 scrubs can just save the screenshots of those medals in their “I used to be somebody” folders. Break them out and tell the grandkids about the olden times when online games could die by toxicity.

@Simmen take notes
i agree with you planting players when u lose become a meta not trying to be pretend like i dont do that when people do that to me, but i 100% believe that this thing should stop

Limit planting after certain amount of ticks would make the game a lot more enjoyable, unfortunately, it would kill what’s left of the player base since that’s the only way they can win due to lack of actual skill.

going to spam him for every good suggestion since he is the admin on most of the eras
he might be the guy to save the game

I’m old so I remember the times of Andrew and Joe when they were the main Admins of the world when it was just Earth, the wider introduction of Seth and a few others I can’t remember know really had it at it’s prime since there was a lot of engagement and activities and havoc was actually a fun event the Admin would do.

My experience playing now isn’t the same and why yes the bot colonies don’t make the rounds feel completely dead, they also don’t present any sort of a challenge other than how we XP farm our units. Teams don’t feel as competitive if everyone is just going to be friends and the one team that tries to fight the status quo gets squashed at least on the worlds I’ve been on now.

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