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Well, I’ve been on the forums for a few days, but I haven’t made one of these yet, so let’s fix that.
I’m currently a 16 year old, turning 17th on the 23rd of April, and I first started playing BattleDawn when i was around 10 or 11, and I remembered the game recently, so I came back to it. Never won an era, never got power level of 100. I’ve never been particularly good at games in general, or at anything. My interests are as follows: Reading, writing, music [preferably orchestral, but most genres are welcomed.], researching things that interest me, debates, and of course, games. I have a particular liking to strategy games, it makes me feel good to think that I am the head of the colony. I also like thinking, and BattleDawn, beneath that simplicity in game mechanics, has such a level of complexity, and the problems that arise in the game [the intended ones] ad the ability to solve them really are just limited by your mind. Even with my love for strategy games, I still lag behind the average player, but perhaps in the coming eras, you’ll become familiar with my in game names. Also, I’m not the Holo that some people are familiar with, and I’m not trying to impersonate them. Sorry for the rambling, have a good day and thanks for reading this. :heart:


Hello Holo

I am 16 years old. I am turning 17 on the 30th of September. I started playing BattleDawn a couple months back when I was 16 or 16, I remember the game recently, so I came back to it. Never won an era, never got power level of 100. BattleDawn is still new to me so pls help


Nice parody of me, sending this to r/MemeEconomy


alright New User of the Month


Me and Yeet are turning 15 soon.

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Feel free to ask for help. Community is usually pretty good about helping new folks who ask. My best advice though for strategy; always assume your enemy is smarter than you. If you always assume your enemy will make the BEST possible move against you, how would you try to counter that move? If your enemy sends 3 squads of tanks, always assume it’s 3 full squads of the perfect anti chassis as you (unless you already got the PROOF that it isn’t). If your enemy is sending an army at you, but you ‘should’ win, would you still win if they get a spy off? How much SP is absolutely necessary to stop 10 player’s planing a spy on the OP you’re sitting on?

Sure, most of these things will be unlikely, but if you plan for it, you’ll never be surprised.


I am an overthinker and always plan for the worst case scenario, so I got that part covered. Thanks none the less, Malice. I’m a small player in your G3 world, but I’m planning something for G3, would be interesting for about 50 ticks.


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@Doomer_Nationalist @hariscapo Nope. I do not have vegana or bobs, not the legend Horo, the guy who likes the 2d girl, Holo.


Playing with him on e3 i can confirm he’s not Horo xd


Are you the actual Claw tho?


Yes xd I’m that guy that retired from Galaxy and came to BD and won a few rounds it’s nothing special xp


Well mate, the legend Horo is a dude who likes the 2d girl Holo, too


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Nop, it was a dude pretending to be a girl who liked the 2d girl, Holo.


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