Having noobies trained


I hear a lot about noobies getting trained we had RC battledawn for the longest and it never got used for that enough and now i’m curious to know what happened to the fun exciting RC BD


I would like to be trained~



where would you like to be trained


Im not sure who trained newbies on the ‘fun and exciting’ RC, all I saw on the ‘fun and exciting’ RC were about 3 players fighting each other, pissy when we didnt reset it and sometimes boosting (god knows why… Don’t boost on RC…).

RC was meant as a beta world to test new features, we usually try to test things privately before we do so publicly, you’ll see it back up generally a couple of weeks before a release but we don’t want people to pretend its a real world anymore and then get pissed when we do tests there :stuck_out_tongue:


somewhere between table manners and president obama


Thanks for the answer :rofl:


Can I be trained too?


Tempted to win next era on RC doing exactly this. Looking for a team

Alex, what are alliance sizes for next era RC?