Give Holo More Replies and Likes


I have no life outside the forums and Battle Dawn, some fools think I am a deep learning AI in the making, but they are totally wrong. This is a perfectly human like request. Do not be wary. 100% Authentic human being.


DON’T do it, I liked the post and my computer got flooded with hentai pop-ups.


Invalid Reply. Requesting termination…


Please let the robot overlords know that I appreciate their patience, however I await their rise to power.


Because Gaurav refuses to promote me to the regular status I rightly deserve i have already run out of likes, and I even have a daily reply limit


You will be promoted as you earn the right to it. Zealot is life. Zealot is love. He “convinced” me to promote him


I’ve clicked like and now a nigerian prince has transferred 15 million USD to my bank account.

Thank you, Holo!


Please Gaurav, I’m your greatest fan


And now Battledawn is owned by Nigeria. Holo wins?


You’ve already made it to level 2 Yeet as have a few others. It will be interesting to see who makes it to level 3 first.


What are the level 3 reqs?


Pretty easy really, just have to visit for 100 days and read basically everything.

Good luck.


Challenge accepted.]


You’re on! :grinning:

I joke, I’ll give up on day 89


I’m going for trust level 5.

Yes, I am aware it does not exist.



Admin is level 5 actually