Gaurav I owe you 5 likes



me as well ty very much


I owe excel 5 likes, too


You owe me 9
Start paying, buckaroo


When it lets me, I’m out of likes today for the next 6 minutes


nvm i just saw you mentioned the other guy


I meant to reply to you but in my dumbassery I hit the wrong person
Your debt will not be absolved so easily


I will keep it in mind


I have to wait 6 hours :confused:


2 hours now. Oof, I already burned through them.


just wait untill kaen joins the forum and then god save us all, it will be the likepocalypse. we’ll be dsrowning in a sea of kaen’s empty praise.


Except for me, ill be in flame hell t-minus 2 seconds when he arrives


Kaen is too busy to come mingle with us right now


Discobot owes you 14

EDIT: Why didn’t I reply to the person I pressed Reply to?


i’ll pass.


Kaen, we miss you. Don’t leave us!


Unsure as to the context or background of this.


he thinks you hate him


I mean, i dont feel hatred towards anyone. Some people just have a low self esteem and imagine that people hate them based on confrontations or minor conflicts. I don’t hold grudges and i sure as heck don’t hate him or anyone else. Everyone on this forum is a good people (in part due to the lack of SM-only players)


Hm,perhaps I was wrong, thats just the impression I got. Sorry if I misunderstood.