GATO games rocks

Will I ever get to see my championship ribbon in BD1?

Am I ever going to get my 10k tokens for winning ce?

and finally, how many years will it take for the trophies to get made?

I understand cosmin is butt hurt about who won but cmon its been like 3 months since it ended and it was a 5 month long era


You’ve had your ribbon for over a month at this point, for tokens you can get them either on BD1 or BD2, most will probably want to choose once BD2 it out but one already asked for a part of it on BD1.

Trophies I’ve no idea yet, we’re kind of being ghosted by the company who made them the last time and I’d like to not switch trophy style unless we absolutely must. At this point we might try something radical there.


the whole team of 1 part time developer is really working hard to ensure that the 40 people who still play this game are kept satisfied , please stay calm and wait for our representative to reply.


hey hey hey now, there’s at least 45 people who play.

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44 now, I think that other guy quit

they all come back, welcome to hotel battledawn

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