Galaxy 3 Era 111: Capture the Relic

Special thanks to Alexander for taking over my world while I was under the water. Thank you all for your patience and I’m glad he made things fun for you.

The era will reset 2020-11-24T22:00:00Z

Capture the Relic will work like this:

  • The relic will spawn at the center of the current map, N:10000 E:20000, you’ll be able to see it before ticks roll. It will have a 11 tick camp wall around it (minimum 12 tick eta to attack), and it won’t move.
  • There will be garrisons in protection at the 4 corners of the map (N:1275 E:1301 would be the northwest corner for example). Once you have flown the relic to ANY of these garrisons, the game ends.
  • Relics will move at normal speed after being captured.
  • XPv2 will stay in effect with same settings.
  • The relic will be protected forcing a hefty force to attack it, it won’t be easy prey.
  • Prizes will be 2000 blue tokens to the winner of the game, and 1000 blue tokens to rank 1 and rank 2 alliances.
  • 6-man alliances, 6-ticks/hr, tick limit of 2500 ticks.

Who can capture the relic first and bring it to safety? I look forward to seeing you all. :slight_smile:


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