Galaxy 3 Era 109 - Finally back to normal...?

Hello Commander,

Galaxy 3 has restarted and the bonanza is finally over. Settings are back to normal, though there’s a nice crystal on every mine and I’ll be putting out some pretty generous boosts so make sure to place early. :slight_smile:

Relic release remains altered though!

The settings this era are:

  • Alliance size at 6
  • XPv2 Enabled.
  • XPv2 transfer rate is at 70%, baseXP is 1 per 30 killed soldiers, minimum XP gain to gain any is 5.
  • 1st Place Reward is 3000 blues
  • Additional reward of 1000 blues for collecting all relics.
  • 100 blues for the other top 10 teams. So make sure to place and collect it. :slight_smile:
  • Each top 10 team will receive 1 relic, protected temporarily, owned by their leader, placed close to their leader/their hive within reason (no abusing, I’ll try to put each in a fair position).
  • Relics will not be move-able until after their protection ends, after which they will become high-speed relics so please consider that while planning.

– Alexander


hi there.

Just wondering when will the ERA reset. This ERA was a total farming ERA. No teams competing.