Galaxy 3 Era 108 - Final Bonanza, for now!

Hello Commander,

Galaxy 3 has restarted and by popular request is running one final iteration of the resource bonanza. Conquers have been raised back a little bit and upkeep has been heavily modified - be careful expanding/building army too early! Might want those sweet upgrades first. :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind that while we tested it extensively, this is not an era to play if you like things ‘stable’. Some mid-era changes or broken systems are possible. Should be fun though!

The settings this era are:

  • Alliance size at 6
  • XPv2 Enabled.
  • XPv2 transfer rate is at 70%, baseXP is 1 per 30 killed soldiers, minimum XP gain to gain any is 5.
  • 1st Place Reward is 3000 blues
  • Additional reward of 1000 blues for collecting all relics.
  • 100 blues for the other top 10 teams. So make sure to place and collect it. :slight_smile:
  • Each top 5 team will receive 1 relic, protected temporarily, owned by their leader, placed close to their leader/their hive within reason (no abusing, I’ll try to put each in a fair position). Yes, this does mean there are only 5 relics this era.
  • Relics will not be move-able until after their protection ends, after which they will become high-speed relics so please consider that while planning.
  • Starting resources are drastically increased (more so than last era!).
  • Squads cost much more oil to move.
  • Resource caps are over double (increased from last era, boost cap as well!).
  • Maximum resources from boosts are doubled.
  • Minimum resources from boosts are now also increased!
  • Worker growth is greatly increased.
  • Worker limit has been set to 5000.
  • Worker production has been increased.
  • Relic production has been greatly increased (less so than last era).
  • Conquer production has been changed (it is not the same as normal era’s, will vary throughout the era and is slightly higher than last era).
  • Gating cost has been increased.
  • Outpost costs, razing/downgrade income and upgrade costs have been drastically increased.
  • Spy protection gained has been altered, amount of spies per player has been x10 and upkeep per spy has been increased x5.
  • Worker upkeep has been drastically decreased, allowing for the worker cap to be reached more easily.
  • Outpost upkeep has been drastically increased, making the ownership of an outpost more expensive in terms of worker production.
  • Missile upkeep has been drastically increased, making the ownership of missiles more expensive in terms of worker production.
  • Army upkeep has been drastically increased, making army ownership more expensive in terms of worker production.
  • Soldier overhead kicks in much later but is much higher, encouraging smaller (quickly built) armies as a ‘base’ with more expensive, large armies being quite precious.
  • As these settings are having their first time use in the game, they may change during the era. We’ll try to somehow replace them if that happens.

There will be various small events during the era itself, in addition to a generous early boost, so join up and let’s have fun!

– Alexander


Pfew, can’t believe it actually got bigger somehow. Should have used spoilers maybe?

Oh well, this is going to be the final run for this event on G3. One more party and back to something more… normal. :slight_smile:


Come join me in AAFC :slight_smile:

only caveat is we do our coordinating in the BD mass chat


I am giving you all one last chance to surrender


i surrender :frowning: