G3 Total Overdose win!

Just wanna say that this was a very hard fought era but we did come out on the top. Thank you to T10s for donating relics as you made this era end faster so we can farm the next! :sunglasses:


Lol they give us the relics and made it quick :heart_eyes: Whole era we just fought and killed 5 allinace it was a 2 man era hard but fun

#ToD rocks


Great win one of the best BD eras ever i watched Crash and Ppb dominate the map since tick 1 well deserved, i wish i could play with one of you guys one day :slight_smile:


wthhhh wp ppb <3 <3 <3 <3


Crash carried ppb XD and the two of you relocated away from some nubs to the other side of the map

BG is way too dead to consider it a win that you brag about. Win m2, then make a thread to brag lol

Congrats nonetheless Crash


Crash carried me :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: awesome

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Hey man, I poured my blood, sweat and tears into this era. I would appreciate it if you didn’t disrespect :confused:


We will get m2 as well dw

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:stuck_out_tongue: you’re a good player crash

but the day i see ppb win mars 2 without a carry idk what i’ll do

EDIT: not saying its impossible but…just not likely knowing ppb

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@joes9987 bro u even not played a single era with me

And crash haven’t carried me lol ,we supported each other and killed our enemy

I don’t need ppl to carry me ,if it would be the case I won’t have only 2 ribbons:)

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ppb you clearly dont remember me lol, I’ve both conquered you and played with you on different occasions. I wouldn’t say stuff like that about someone I haven’t played with lol