G3 era 123 ya boy Kenny is back

Yo, I had a safe expedition under the ocean but I’m ready to host some eras for you guys again!

New settings who dis?:

  • 6tick/hr
  • Relics are stationary until tick 1000, tick start is subject to change dependent on pace of era.
  • 5 Relics are already spawned.
  • Gas famine, gas wells produce 1 gas per tick
  • XPv2 remains unchanged.
  • First to hold 10 relics for 100 ticks or score victory at tick 1500.
  • Rank 1 gets 3000 blues, top 10 get 100 blues.

As always, post your blood here :wink:


well, since this era is over I’ll post some brs. Galaxy seems kinda dead tho