G3 Era 114 East vs West

Congrats on TEAM on bludgeoning their enemies to death, collecting all 10 relics and T-posing on the era. Your blood was well appreciated. Things are going to be a little different for next era though!

New settings who dis?:

  • 6tick/hr
  • Relics go NOWHERE.
  • Relics are already spawned.
  • Resource outposts give x3 resources 
  • XPv2 remains unchanged.
  • First to hold 10 relics for 100 ticks or score victory at tick 2250.
  • Rank 1 gets 3250 blues
  • Alliance cap is unlimited, it will take 100 ticks to join a new alliance. 
  • SUDDEN DEATH: At tick 2000 stationary relics will begin moving fast. Outposts at Quadrant C5 will be razed. 

In addition I will be completely blocking off Quadrant C5:

This era will open at https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20201228T19&p0=234&font=cursive

With the new year coming around Iā€™d like to remind everyone to use puffin or the desktop client in order to access the game. You can get the desktop client via the pinned thread.

Happy holiday season everyone, take it easy :slight_smile: