G3 era 102 - 6-ticker speed relics!

Congratulations for WSS’s victory last era, I have tweaked XPv2 and the relic speed as I deemed necessary, I hope you all remain patient as I test out optimal settings!

This era’s settings will be as follows:

  • Tick speed is 6/h.
  • Alliance size is 6.
  • 1st-place team wins 4,000 blues.
  • Global ruleset applies.
  • Tick limit is 2,500
  • 12-CT required to join an alliance
  • XPv2 is in effect
  • Relics move fast (but a little slower than last era)

A big bonus will be given to everyone that joins within the first day. All boosts will also be on 25% discount for the first 250 ticks.